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brand bag, clothing for Road

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1 brand bag, clothing for Road on Thu Aug 05, 2010 5:25 am

Bags is the “cash cow” business coach sandals naturally well aware of the kingly way. Thus, was born to ensure sales, customer consumption affects the nerves “It Bag (Inevi table Bag acronym, meaning must have the package).” It Bag will be released every quarter, why call them “must have” the love object,balenciaga bags, because they often appear in the star’s wrist, the “It Bag is not in the endorsement of these activities were found, but the real financial into the star’s life, such as in the streets, at the airport … … This gave me even more heart. “package of name brands rather concerned about Selina said. However, some packets lost feeling, and now the introduction of more and more It Bag of the brand, style more and more popular become shorter and shorter, more and more to put these people do not work up much enthusiasm.Look at some statistics in recent years: Chanel handbags total annual sales volume accounted for juicy couture sale about 30%; Hermes leather goods accounted for 31% of sales, combined with the scarf sales as high as 78% profit. Facing an economic downturn in 2009, the sales of brand-name bags are still stable, “not affect introduction of the G-Bag this season at the Shanghai store has sold very fire.” Tod “s brand on behalf of Vicki said.
Although the major luxury brand sales distribution as trade secrets, but many in the industry are still conclude: retail stores, the real “cash cow” is the accessories. Take to the Gucci leather goods started for, TomFord 10 years at the helm, Gucci fashion to become the industry benchmark. But on the income in 2002, handbags, shoes, accounting for 62% of the business in 2004 as high as 80%. Emily loved to buy brand-name bags told reporters: “In fact, the proportion of such sales and there is nothing wrong. If you go to walk coach outlet onlin around the store will find an entry-level five or six thousand dollars or so Gucci bags, a Gucci clothing easily yuan. But for ordinary white-collar, the bag’s practical value is much higher than clothing. “might be following the TomFord, the accessories designer Frida Giannini took over as head of Gucci is the best proof of this. Last weekend, the new Gucci store opened Golden Eagle, a large window of the display is not clothing, but a special design for the new store’s “Shang hai Dragon bag”, According to report, for sale on the day of 200, many fans here especially package come.
Speaking of famous brand, Louis Vuitton brand is chasing everyone. Although this annual autumn clothing brand releases, but its profit almost 100% of leather goods, including designer MarcJacobs by the Pop artists Takashi Murakami and Japan co-created Monogram Handbag sales accounted for more than half, balenciaga handbags,while Speedy and Neverfull also have set off a wave of queue order.You may be surprised that many big-name fashion for more than 50% of annual profits actually come from accessories, bags of which is the trump card sales. Especially in the global economic downturn, Balenciaga Wallet,durable, high-profit, non-disturbance size bags became a full advantage of the “cash cow.” brand handbags

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