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Moncler Quincy

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1 Moncler Quincy on Sat Jan 22, 2011 10:38 pm

 fashionable extremity, the fair sex took the lead in encouraging these deeds of chivalry, till it came to have the appearance of a national mania. There were tournaments at the castle of every feudal baron and knight. The ploughmen and drivers were often discovered, on returning from the fields, hotly engaged in a tilti Moncler Jackets,Moncler Jackets Women g bout with their goads and ploughstaves ; and even the little boys and maidens on the village green, each well mounted on a crooked stick, were daily engaged in the combat, and riding rank and file against each other, breaking their tiny w Moncler Outlet eapons in the furious onset, while the mimic fire flashed from their eyes. Then was the play of Scots and English begun, a favourite one on the school green to this day. Such was the spirit of the age, not only in Scotland, but over all the countries of southern Europe, when the romantic incidents occurred on which the following tale is founded. It was taken down from the manuscript of an o Moncler Jackets For Men urate, who had spent the latter part of his life in the village of Mireton, and was given to the present Editor by o once a noble king and queen of Scotland, as many in that land have been. In this notable tell-tale manner, does old Isaac, the curate, begin his narrative. It will be seen in the sequel, that this king and queen were Robert the Sec Moncler Jackets Men ond and his consort. They were beloved by all their subjects, (continues he,) and loved and favoured them in return; and the country enjoyed happiness and peace, all save a part adjoining to the borders of England. The strong castle of Roxburgh, which was the key of that country, had been five times taken by the English, and three times by the Scots, in less Moncler Quincy  than seventeen months, and was then held by thegallant Lord Musgrave for Richard king of England. Our worthy king had one daughter, of exquisite beauty and accomplishments ; the flower of all Scotland, and her name was Margaret. This princess was courted by many of the principal nobility of the hmd, who all eagerly sought an alliance with the royal family, not only for the additional honour and power which it conferred on them and their posterity, but for the personal charms of t




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2 outdoor items on Tue Mar 29, 2011 12:02 am

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