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1 Moncler Outlet on Sat Jan 22, 2011 10:42 pm

heroism in their constitutions than those of the south ? Have they fewer of the charms of beauty, or have their lovers less spirit to fulfil their commands ? By this sceptre in my right hand, I will" give my daughter, the princess M Moncler Jackets,Moncler Jackets Women argaret, to the knight who shall take that castle of Roxburgh out of the hands of the English before the expiry of the Christmas holidays." Every lord and knight was instantly on his feet to accept the proposal, and every one had his hand stretched towards the royal chair for audience, when Margaret arose herself, from the king's left h Moncler Outlet and, where she was seated, and flinging her left arm backward, on which swung a scarf of gold, and stretching her right, that gleamed with bracelets of rubies and diamonds, along the festive board, " Hold, my noble lords," said she; "1 am too deeply interested here not to have a word to say. The grandchild of the great Bruce must not be given away to every adventurer without her own approval Moncler Jackets For Men. Who among you will venture his honour and his life for me ?" Every knight waved his right hand aloft and dashed it on the hilt of his sword, eyeing the graceful attitude and dignified form of the princess with raptures of delight. " It is well," continued sh Moncler Jackets Men e, " the spirit of chivalry has not deserted the Scottish nation hear me then: My father's vow shall stand ; I will give my hand in marriage to the knight who shall take that castle for the king, my fa ther, be proviso only, that, in case of his attempting and failing in the undertaking, he shall forfeit all his lands, castles, towns, and towers to me, which shall form a part of my marriageportion to his rival. Is it fit that the daughter of a king should be given up or won as circumstances may suit, or that the risk should all be on one side ? Wh Moncler Quincy o would be so unreasonable as expect it ?. This, then, with the concurrence of my lord and father, is my determination, and by it will I stand." The conditions were grievously hard,, and had a damping and dismal effect on tiie courtly circle. The light of every eye deadened into a dim and sullen scowl. It was a deed that promised glory and renown to adventure their blood for such a dame, to win such a lady as the Princess of Scotland : But, to give up their broad lands and castlesto enrich


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2 outdoor items on Mon Mar 28, 2011 11:51 pm

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