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1 cheap Hermes Bags on Sun Apr 10, 2011 11:02 pm

The healing art suffers perhaps more than all other callings from the ignorance of hermes birkin its patrons. Even when schools of a high rank are enjoyed, physical education is Hermes Bags so sadly neglected that the simplest laws of hermes sale health are not understood by those who claim to be liberally educated. The result is the the charlatan can bear away rich rewards, the gains of imposition and brazen conceit while it often happens the only man fit to deal with diseases is driven from the field. In this way the profession is drag ged down its ranks are filled with a multitude of ignorant experimenters, tolerated by the people who are willing to pay to be experimented upon. We confess it is not so evident at first that popular education is a special advantage to the lawyer's business.
The demoralized condition of society, for which the Free School is a needed remedy, affords our brethren of the bar abundant employment. The policy we advocate, if carried out, might greatly reduce the oases on the Hermes Outlet criminal docket fewer thieves and robbers would need the services of Attorneys but it is a base and selfish spirit, and in the end a mistaken policy, which Hermes Handbags wishes the evils of crime and litigation to continue, to give occupation to a hundred advocates instead of fifty. The true friend of his or any other calling does not ask what will fill its ranks with the greatest number, or yield the largest aggregate revenue. He is jealous for the honor, the character of his fraternity, and these he knows must ever be vitally involved with the intellectual and moral culture of the people. He knows, moreover, that the progress of society must be continually opening to his calling new and inviting branches of business which will yield abundant rewards to hermes kelly his toil.

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