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1 discount hermes Kelly on Sun Apr 10, 2011 11:10 pm

The pleasure of their journey and the feeling of their importance, outweigh with the boys the dread of the crwcible in which they are to be melted. But enough of anxiety can be read on the faces of the fathers and teachers who crowd around the fateful doors of the examination hall. There is a great shaking of hands among them, and here and there exclamations of surprise, as, "hermes sale Why, how do you do, old Jellow? Have you a boy old enough too?" During the long hours of waiting they talk of the d ys when they Hermes Bags went through these doors, and share their present hopes and Hermes Handbags fears with each other.
When the youths come out the first hermes kelly question of father and Preceptor is, "Where is your examination exercise?" If they find a mistake marked, woe to the unlucky boy!" You stupid fellow! How could hermes birkin you make this of all mistakes? you never did anything so badly before!" "And the rascal could do it well enough," complains the father, "it is pure laziness in him!" Somewhat remarkable it is that all parents would rather Hermes Outlet think their children lazy and careless than incapable, even if ever so diligent Now, after a new but shorter period of suspense, a messenger from within appears and announces the names of thirty successful applicants.
In connection with this notice of the preparatory-theological schools, the following, (said to be true,) of a Week in the School-life of a future Theologian, may be interesting to at least the younger readers of the School Journal Louis was the son of the Pastor of Grossendersperg he was a fine, industrious fellow, and destined without any question for the church. For a year his father gave himself all conceivable pains to prepare him for the examination.

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