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The universe of "life"

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1 The universe of "life" on Mon Jul 12, 2010 3:08 am

According to British media reported on June 5, the United States Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) reports recently said that they may have in the Saturn's largest moon Titan Titan signs of life being found on some unknown creatures breathe --- Titan's atmosphere, and to the surface of the fuel for food.P90x Workout
NASA's research is mainly built by the United States and the European Space Agency for the Chair of the Saturn's "Cassini - Huygens" a scientific mission. "Cassini" Saturn probe the use of advanced infrared spectroscopy of Saturn and its moons surface features, atmosphere, rings and magnetic fields such as in-depth researchp90x. "Cassini" Saturn probe in July 2008 found that there is a Titan Antarctica bigger than North America, Ontario, many of the lakes. Cassini "Saturn probe in-depth analysis of the chemical composition of Titan's surface, and found all over the area of organic chemicals to the moon 1.5 times larger than the planet. But scientists said the Titan lakes of liquid is not water, but methane , they estimated that living life on Titan is methane basedp90xes.
The existence of this life, NASA said in two reports, respectively: First of all, Titan atmosphere of hydrogen gas to the planet surface in the breeze, there is no, indicating that hydrogen may be being "Titan bugs" out of breath; Secondly, the "Cassini" the surface of Saturn's Titan probe found a lack of a specific chemical composition of acetylene, there are scientists so that these chemicals may have been a life consumed. NASA astrobiologist, said: "If we find the information there really is a sign of life, then it is simply too exciting. Because it indicates that the universe, there are still water-based life than the other outside with methane-based life forms. p90x dvds"

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