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NFL first person to be born ethnic Chinese

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1 NFL first person to be born ethnic Chinese on Wed Jul 14, 2010 11:54 pm

He Kaicheng extraordinary personal story has too many U.S. media coverage. He Kaicheng Taiwan native to embrace football with their lives, and to take all of the Ivy League, among the ranks of Harvard University. During this time, he treasured bits and pieces at Harvard, Harvard is the same value to him. He Kaicheng childhood death of his father, the mother suffered from mentalNFL apparel illness, he had been living in foster care in the United States, aunt, and the young He Kaicheng was not prepared not only mentally, even the language was received too late to learn from the United States, just to the United States, he did not go out almost every day, until one day he saw a group of children of similar age in the community park on the grass playing a kind of campaign he had not seen before, to throw the ball to a olive throw away, while we in the seemingly intense scraping of brutal but very happy, would have liked to play basketball He Kaicheng some tempted, he walked among a group of strange children in broken English asked if he could let him join the game, and it is The move makes all his life and rugby lasting bonds, he was certainly not expected that he will in the future because the rules do not even know his campaign into the world's highest institution, etc. - Harvard University. While in the game that he was not very understanding of the rules, but the excellent fitness to all his children had not even keep up with his pace, which was near the coach met the school, in a brief conversation, the coach surprised to find that even the English say agile Asian kids playing this is the first time American olive, then we certainly familiar with the story, after a series of hard training, he slowly out from the shadow of life, with football Chuang their own piece of heaven and earth, He Kaicheng about to complete their studies and hope and the NFL went to China to promote American football, the sport willed hardy bags cheap flourish in China.

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