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Make an elegant spread of reincarnation

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1 Make an elegant spread of reincarnation on Sat Jul 17, 2010 3:00 am

Po Man brand (Balmain) wascheap jerseys born 40 years in the 20th century, in World War II brought to people's hearts, while the deep trauma, but also really love all the designers have the luxury of that era that simple sentiment. It is a still forgotten in the war-torn era hats decorated with feathers low-key elegance, it is a in the "lack and want," and can still consider how to patch a more perfect romantic decoration.
In 1945, in Paris, Francois Street, No. 1 (Rue Francois), Pierre Po Man (Pierre Balmain) President opened his first store. Thus a refined nature of the women freed from war clouds rapidly along with the revolutionary design of the brand's iconic Man Po vine pattern spread. Have been unable to research, what Pierre Po Man (Pierre Balmain) to commemorate Mr. Flying off with his Eastern roots far apart, or as one admired the profound oriental culture, have this lingering vine pattern Wan Yan. The only way to know is that Pierre Po Man (Pierre Balmain) name represents the unique understanding of the elegant means royalty and movie stars of the commission, have become universally recognized icons.
In 1987, the Swatch Group, the women men ed hardy T-shirtswill be the ultimate in elegant charm and exquisite combination of watchmaking technology, so that everybody around the world produced a remarkable masterpiece - Po Man Watches (Balmain). Hint of the fascinating wrist to show a heart of self-confidence, Po Man watch is a woman yearning for the good of love and positive attitude to life. Swiss town in the world watches, Po Man table (Balmain) is a well-known brand, and it and the romance between the Swiss Miss is praised by people and spread. In Switzerland today, saying: "that love does not mean the wedding ring, but the wrist of the table." Some sparks of love will never stop, Po Man watches and Swiss among the most beautiful woman in the poem is undoubtedly one of the 1. Since 2005 for 5 consecutive years, the Swiss Miss Po Man wearing light up the entire Swiss watch. Po Man's designers for the election of each Swiss Miss Alice specially designed and launched a series of exclusive models, to demonstrate to the beautiful, beautiful, prestige and charm. As Miss Switzerland 2008 AmandaAmmann to say: Po Man wearing her more feminine, Po Man is she ever regret the choice! ed hardy jeans wholesale

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