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Feelings of low-profile design tell China and the United States

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As a 13-yeargiubbotti history with original designer, LIZZY has always been to convey the "pass into the low-key luxury," the aesthetic experience of responsibility, now also successfully from the "brand" to the "lifestyle brand" transition.
In recent years, under any of Xin's writer, "LIZZY" ladies fashion sexy evening wear, active wear with exquisite fashion, intellectual, elegant, luxury style, beauty, make it quickly into the domestic clothing brand stand out, brand awareness is also a stable market situation because of its access to elite groups and high-end department store consumer recognition and blitz. According to reports, the brand style as helmsman LIZZY, LIZZY brand Xin, chairman and design director of any early years is the second "Sino-Japanese friendship Imai Cup" International Fashion ed hardy jeans wholesale Design Competition first prize winner, her grace, elegance, simplicity , fashion design styles they make LIZZY soak clothes for each one, "Birth of America" and "Hui WTO accession," both the beauty and wisdom. Ren Xin said that as a senior women's brand, she hoped that through a variety of elements, such as the display is visually pleasing atmosphere, a rich selection of goods, Shopping guide for caring services to consumers in a nuanced emotional experience. All the details are just right sense of proportion, will help to express LIZZY brand "low profile without losing luxury" brands temperament. In addition, LIZZY brand expansion in recent years, a very robust pace of opening up one after another fashion territory. And to participate in a mature show, visitors will be well communicated to the continued exposure and brand LIZZY, LIZZY display the essence of the design culture, publishing the latest LIZZY-style colors, fabrics, styles, and with trends. Ren Xin said: LIZZY 2010 is to accelerate expansion and steady year ahead, but also a designer to "design ability," and "commercial value" a year of jerseys

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