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Hope, persistence, regeneration

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1 Hope, persistence, regeneration on Tue Jul 20, 2010 9:04 pm

From the cheap jerseystraditional perspective, people will think more about the players to the Super Bowl such an important match like the trend, especially in such a lineup is not the Saints were all optimistic about the team, the security of the saints Wei Darren - Sha Po, 13-year NFL veteran tight end Jeremy - Shockey, "temporary workers" running back Reggie - George W. Bush, before the start of this season, not many teams would want them, the fact that Even when the won the Super Bowl, they might also not happen again next season, but they are all without exception in this Super Bowl success of the decisive moment in the flash. Of course, Brisbane, in 2005 when a serious shoulder injury to people on his career filled with questions, San Diego, Rivers and lightning finally chose to abandon him, but Brisbane smashed all the doubts. Yes, the Saints may be from the line-structure is moncler women not a long-term hegemony of the team, but the moment they burst out in a season is enough energy to draw on this Cinderella legend to a successful conclusion.
Of course we can not forget the Saints coach, the 44th Super Bowl, we saw Shawn - Payton's magic, it was his schedule to spend in the middle of the field 30 minutes before the Hunhunee the saints the second half reborn, special unit of the short-range attack from the ball and get first fill the gap between the completion of the touchdowns, more than 17 or 22 2-point conversion after the firm has or is Peyton - Manning converted defensive strategy, of course, this also has to Saints defensive group thanks to Coach Williams for tuning, but without Sean - Payton's discerning eye for talents, their own money Williams incurred under the command of 250,000 U.S. dollars, probably will not witness the sun live sports show of the saints of the reversal .brand handbags

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