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G2000 History

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1 G2000 History on Wed Jul 21, 2010 3:01 am

G2000 brand was authentic jerseys founded in 1985 (its name from the vertical and horizontal pre-2000 English name of the group Generation 2000 Limited), and the market positioning as a professional clothing chain, best selling fashion trends Men and Women Business Wear. The following year, we launched another brand - U2 (in some countries known as LAB). Up to now, U2 has been recognized as the market leader in casual wear men and women who have succeeded in providing quality and affordable clothing to the younger generation the trend. G2000 and U2 belong to Review 2000 Group of the clothing chain stores. Creative marketing management and product concepts, successfully arranged in vertical and horizontal 2000 Group moncler women of local front-end apparel retail industry. In 1987, the Group began to expand overseas business, in the first branch opening in Singapore. Until July 2000, more than 300 branches all over Hong Kong, Macau, mainland China, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea and other Middle Eastern countries (U2 in some countries known as LAB). Become a fashion leader in the retail aspect 2000 and products are innovative, and unanimously in the market, a good reputation. The Group will continue in this direction, including the recruitment of local and foreign expertise, innovation, trends, proper integration into the mass of the goods. In addition, through the product information structure, the Group will close and grasp the different regional or store the customer needs and the provision of specially designed products to meet different customer needs. Quality and value for money and quality, tailoring and value G2000/U2/LAB become a major element of quality brands, the Group own kind to do workshops, make new products launched in the shortest time and to ensure that the fit cut. Terms of quality, the Group and supply and quality control team of manufacturer working together to internationally accepted standards to ensure products both in fabric and production of quality, to exceed customers of expectations because the kinds of fabric and cloth around the world for Junquan Bu the introduction, the group reached the lowest cost production of high quality and value of product requirements.ed hardy bags cheap

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