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One word claim 20 million

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1 One word claim 20 million on Wed Jul 21, 2010 10:01 pm

One word claim 20 million cheap jerseys self-employed infringement lawsuit against brand clothing! "G2000", well-known clothing brands in Hong Kong; "2000", a self-employed registered trademark of Hangzhou, one word led to 8 years and 20 million yuan a trademark dispute the amount claimed, are the highest in Zhejiang Province. Provincial High Court trial in Hangzhou self-employed workers sued the company in Hong Kong Review 2000 trademark infringement case, insiders believe that this case means the Zhejiang enterprises counterattack "reverse trademark infringement" era. One word claim 20 moncler women million self-employed infringement lawsuit against brand clothing! The case against the two sides disparities: Intime department stores in the mall, you can find "G2000" brand of clothing, especially by many urban white-collar professional women's love, there are more than 400 counters in the sale "G2000" products. The "2000" Zhao trademark owner is a self-employed West Lake area, knew of this mark is not large. In the last year in October, Hangzhou Intermediate Court sentenced "G2000" 2000 Review of Hong Kong owner of the company lost, compensation for Zhao 20 million yuan. Last year on December 19, 2000 against sentence aspect of Zhejiang Provincial High Court to sue the company, handing out after the court ruling was not in court. "In the past most of the trademark infringement case happened because some vendors 'free riders', intentionally fake-known marks. But another case is now more and more legitimate trademark owner does not very well-known, but the illegal use of trademark there is a high profile person. "Hangzhou VI and director of intellectual property law firm lawyers said Huang Weiyuan latter tort called" reverse trademark infringement. "
In the "reverse trademark infringement" case, has the trademark of small businesses are often at a disadvantage. "Infringement of famous enterprises more publicity, legal owner of the trademark of small businesses use space more small enterprise development will also decrease." Zhou root only that, the SME for its own survival, it should pick up the legal weapons to protect their qi legal rights; and foreign enterprises to enter the domestic market, they should be more careful not to infringe the trademark rights of domestic enterprises, so as not to become a defendant.burberry belts

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