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Iran's President public again accused Russia join the camp

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According to American media, Iranian President mahmoud ahmadinejad ahmed - July 23 public accused Russian President dmitri medvedev enmity with the Iranian government, and in Iran's nuclear program and the position of the United States.
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Ahmadinejad said Iran Wednesday, Mr Medvedev has close about "of nuclear weapons, he was American propaganda misleading. Mahmoud ahmadinejad said: "Russia is a great country, Iran and Russia have interest to maintain good relations. But he (medvedev President) was published in the American speech."
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Last week, the Russian President dmitry medvedev says Russia concerns Iran's nuclear programme, especially its military purposes. Russia to Iran's explanation. Medvedev also urged Iran's nuclear cooperation with the international community
For the first time publicly criticized Russia earlier this month ahmadinejad said Iran and Russia leaders, with the traditional friendly relations, respect and friendship means should defend each other's rights. This Russian cold response.. In poor families, lula is the first workers from Brazil's President. His action, promote economic development, and expand the Brazilian diplomatic stage. Lula is in October after the election, in a recent interview, he talked about the achievements of the excitement and tears.

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Lula in interviews can cut down many times but tears. Lula said, his ruling like ploughing, someone gossiping, pointing, but he finally has a harvest, natural excited mood. Lula stage since eight years, Brazil in economic and social development or diplomatic have development of zero hunger, he plans to 11 million households, benefit, economic growth, and 7 percent to 24 years. Lula is dedicated to promote south-south cooperation,
p90x extreme home fitness get rid of European dependence. He himself also have as much as eighty percent of the poll.

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