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Tough Guy: Nettle Warrior 2010

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1 Tough Guy: Nettle Warrior 2010 on Tue Aug 03, 2010 12:01 am

However, as many men ed hardy T-shirts readers pointed out when I wrote about my training regime, Tough Guy/Nettle Warrior is not really terrifying at all (provided, as tomlozethwaite put it, "you don't mind heights, fire, water, mud or confined spaces. Or barbed wire. Or nettles"), nor is it an ultra-serious test of fitness. The first clue to this was the gang of guys dressed as Smurfs. And the women dressed as fairies. And the man wearing nothing but a thong … It is a challenging test of endurance, though, and above all it is a lot of fun.The macho nature of the event is also hyped up. Officials wrote our race numbers on our foreheads in marker pen. On successful completion of the race, Tough Guys are permitted to shout "Yohimbé", which apparently coach outlet translates as "My dick's bigger than yours". Women are vastly outnumbered by men, and tend to be accompanied by solicitous male partners.The organisers conjure an aura of terror in the build-up: the race is billed as the "most dangerous test of mental and physical pain, fear and endurance" in the world. We had to sign death warrants before competing, were inundated with warnings about hypothermia, tetanus and 'flesh rippers', and were emailed tales of past participants' terrible injuries. The scare tactics worked: I was petrified.This is Nettle Warrior, the summer version of Tough Guy, an endurance event in Perton, Staffordshire. Like the original, which takes place in January, Nettle Warrior involves a gruelling cross-country run and assault juicy couture heels course. Unlike Tough Guy, competitors don't have to deal with sub-zero temperatures. To compensate, they go twice around the assault course instead of once, spend more time submerged in muddy water, and tackle 7ft stinging nettles. Suffice to say, it's no walk in the park.I am crouching beside the Torture Tunnels. Groans escape the entrance hole, punctuated by shouts of pain. A wave of panic washes over me, but I've come this far; I can't give up now. I take a deep breath and drop down into the muddy gap. As I start to drag myself through a narrow concrete pipe, in the pitch-black, a woman screams: she's just been caught by an electric wire, invisible in the darkness. coach wallets

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